Victoria, the author of The Cooking Tale

Hello, I am Victoria and this is my Cooking Tale. I am so glad you stopped by.
I like to cook and enjoy feeding my family and friends. I like experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes as well as preparing dishes I grew up with. 
Some of the recipes, the Russian ones, I got from my Mom, and the others were born later. When I got married (and this was more than 20 years ago and no, I am not THAT old...) I barely knew how to cook, but I was eager to learn and enjoyed nesting and feeding my new husband. When it was only two of us, I could spend 4-5 hours creating a multi-layered cake, but after my son was born and then a couple of years later my daughter, the meals became not so elaborated, but more practical and family friendly. Not that I don't enjoy occasional fancy recipes, but since I have kids, I appreciate healthy and tasty recipes that don't require spending half of my weekend in the kitchen.

I grew up in Soviet Ukraine and in my late twenties moved to Canada with my husband and a little son. A year later my daughter was born and now our family is complete. 
The kids are now teenagers and we live in Montreal, a beautiful city with old town, cobalt streets, the gorgeous Notre Dame Basilica, and the most amazing restaurants. Did you know that Montréal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in North America, right after New York City? After living in Montreal for more than a decade, I still sometimes feel like a tourist, finding amazing new places and adding them to a long list of my old favorites.
My favorite things in life are traveling and planning our trips, reading books, cooking (and eating :) ), Italy, painting, and spending time with my family. I love summer, the sun, the beach and I know it sounds funny considering I ended up in Canada...I am a big city girl who dreams about life on a beach.

I love cooking and seeing people gathering around my table, enjoying my food, talking and laughing... For me, food, is not only a necessity to survive, but a form of art and love. I feel creative in the kitchen and I think that cooking is therapeutic. I try to cook tasty, flavorful, appetizing, and lovely dishes my whole family will enjoy. I love to cook meat, shrimp, vegetarian dishes, and especially desserts.

My son encouraged me to start the cooking blog in which I cook, take photos, and write the recipes, my husband handles the technical part, and my daughter gave this site the name: The Cooking Tale. It's our family's cooking tale with fresh and homemade family-friendly recipes and we would like to share it with you! I would be glad to hear from you, so please leave your comments and feedback. If you'd like to use my photos and recipes, kindly link back to our site for the full recipe and instructions. I can be reached through email, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Thank you so much for visiting our recipe blog The Cooking Tale and hope to see you again soon!